The Company
Our Vision

IXAR Africa aims its customers efficiently the confidence that compliance with requirements in terms of quality, safety, environment and reliability.

it does this by boosting modern services in non-destructive testing, destructive testing, data collection, data management and inspection management. It takes a competent workforce in state and plays an active role in the development of effective and efficient techniques and systems that deliver these services. In accomplishing its mission in the interests of its clients, enter IXAR and ethical responsibility to respect its employees, society and the environment. Appreciation for customers, employees and society is starting to realize its objectives.

Technical and social developments take place in rapid succession. IXAR anticipates constantly changing conditions and keep a sharp eye on future developments. This allows us to present and future requirements and we remain the leader in our field.

Customer focus

For new areas to exploit, there are specific processes involved in all times, which continually higher demands are made. New technological developments that change processes more quickly. The IXAR customers we need is a cold-known, service organization. An organization that is responsive to change and uses its knowledge to the processes of the future to allow, for example in the offshore industry.

Operational excellence

The demands on productivity, quality, safety and environment are made, requires a constant reinforcement of our model. The desire to excel in our field, even under often difficult circumstances, makes that we can continue to meet these high demands.

Technology and Applications

New techniques have a range of energy systems made from windmills to nuclear power plants. The finite nature of fossil fuels is forcing us to develop new technologies and creative applications in mind. IXAR contributes to these innovations.