• IXAR's training centre is one of the most affluent training centres that specialise in Non-Destructive Testing methods.Our trainers are the best quaified and experienced personne in the industry (ASNT Level III, Radiologica Safety Officers - BARC Scientific Officers etc).The institute has the distinction of catering to the professional requirements of engineers, supervisors and NDT operators.


  • In addition to the specialised training, we offer a comfortable learning atmosphere through our air-conditioned lecture halls, audio visual display and other conveniences. Our lecture hall has a convenient seating capacity of 40 candidates.At IXAR,we go a step further by offering a full-fledged training workshop for popular methods of Non-Destructive Testing.

  • Coaching Includes:
    * NDT laboratory for methods of RT,UT,MT,PT,PA & ET
    * Real time radiography system
    * Dark-room with manual and automatic processing system
    * Underground radiography enclosure approved by AERB
    * Sufficient equipment for RT,UT,MT,PT,PA & ET
    * UT equipment of different makes - EEC, Krautkramer,Modsonic, Vibronics, Digital Thickness Meters
    * RT-Tech/ops-Gamma cameras and X-ray machines
    * MPT instaled machine up to 3000A and portable units with prods, coils, yokes etc.
    * Various test samples with simulated defects imported from M/s. Sonospection International Ltd.,UK
    * A library equipped with relevant books, codes of referenc specs etc.
    * Eddy current equipments-techno four insis ec-05, hocking phase cd-62
    * Phased Array equipments - olympus omniscan, AGR TD-Focus
Service Range:
  • ASNT Level I and Level II in the following NDT methods:
    * Radiography Testing (RT)
    * Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    * Magnetic Partical Testing (MTP)
    * Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT)
    * Eddy Current Testing (ET)
    * Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT).