NDT Consumable
  • The need of import substitution activities were felt for steady supply of accessories with proper quality standard at a much lower price. In the year 1971 IXAR accepted this challenging job and We launched a company specialized in manufacturing and servicing of all accessories for Industrial Radiography, Darkroom Equipments and other NDT Methods.
  • Our Services
  • Manufacture & Marketing of full range of accessories used for NDT equipments including safety appliances.
  • Repairing and Maintenance of NDT equipments.
  • Manufacturer of Tech/Ops Iridium-192 Camera Pigtails (Import substitution – Approved by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Government of India).
  • Supplying spares for different types of Radiography Cameras, X-Ray Machines, Ultrasonic Machines and Magnetic Particle Test Units.
  • Marketing of NDT consumables (Industrial X-Ray films, Film processing chemicals, MPT and LPT test materials, Stress relieving materials etc.) and Dark room Accessories

NDT Equipment
  • IXAR extended is Wing its wing by establishing MV Xray Equipment company in 1996 to serve the following operational areas
  • Marketing of X-Ray Generators
  • Technical Advice
  • Repair and Modifications of X-Ray Units and other NDT Equipments
  • Prompt Supply of Spares
  • Breakdown Management Assistance
  • Evaluation of Customer’s specific requirements and recommendation of suitable system
  • Hi Tech Equipment Service Centre.

  • Our Services
  • Repairing of Gas filled and Oil filled X-Ray machine tube heads of all make
  • Manufacture and Repair of X-Ray Crawlers
  • Vacuum chamber for oil filling of tube heads
  • Manufacturing, Rewinding and Testing of H.T. and L.T. Transformer coils
  • Repairing of X-Ray machine Control box, Cables, Gamma Cameras and accessories
  • Repair of Radiation Protection Equipments